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“Catherine worked tirelessly in finding me a great property at a good price. She did things that I wouldn't have done (hours and hours of legwork) and more importantly, couldn't have done (organising the purchase before anyone else had even put in an offer). When I was ready to give up, Catherine kept working. I'm certain that I never would have been able to buy the same property within 10k of what we eventually settled at. Catherine more than earned her fee, and I would highly recommend her as a buyers' advocate. I will be going to her again when I next want to purchase a property….” - David

“...It’s hard to believe the apartment is actually going to be ours, especially as we haven't seen it. Thank you for getting us through the process of finding and bidding on the property. I am sure if it was up to us we would have paid a lot more for the property and we would have gone through even more stress to get it.  Thank you for being so understanding about our finances. You made this a great experience and it was a real pleasure working with you.” - Karen

“Catherine you were a superstar, efficiently doing all the searching and inspecting, taking pictures, analysing, talking to real estate agents and keeping us informed on any developments on a daily basis.  Your knowledge of the market, enthusiasm, dedication to find a property that met our criteria and exceptional negotiation skills helped us secure the house in the area that we initially thought was beyond our budget...” - Ross

"Catherine and her associates are very professional, accessible and we have again engaged them to commence the search for our next project  Highly recommended" - Kevin

“...Buying the property with Anderson & Cashmore was not only stress-free, but enjoyable and very educational experience. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in purchasing a property, thank you for an outstanding job!” - Natasha

 “I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all your hard work and support in helping us to find our first home.  Buying our first house from interstate was a daunting prospect but with your legwork and advice we found our perfect place much more quickly than we’d imagined, and actually enjoyed the process!” - Fiona

“….Nothing we ever asked was too much trouble.  It was great the way you took our needs (including our cat’s) into account….” - B.C

“….We’re both really indecisive people, and never would have dreamed we’d have the guts to buy a place unseen, but such was our trust in you (and the very detailed photos you sent us) that we took the plunge…..and now having seen the house it’s even better than we’d anticipated!….” - Roland

“We really appreciated your advice and support on the day of the auction.  It was a very nervous time, listening on the phone to the auction from Perth, but you kept us informed every step of the way and this really helped.” - Debbie

“…..We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other people and will certainly be seeking out your help when we want to buy our next house (that’s if we ever move out of this one!)” - David

“….Whenever possible we tell people that they should use Catherine.  The expertise you bring are excellent and helped us understand the process and what to do and what not to do.  You discussed at the beginning that by using you it will save us money and in our instance and the current environment of Melbourne’s market I believe you saved us $100,000 or enabled us to get into a suburb which going to auction would have gone way over our limit.  You worked tirelessly to help us purchase a home. You got to know what it was we were after and only presented thing to us that met our needs.  This and more is a reason why I would use you again and suggest to anyone to use you….” - Amanda

 “...Thank you for your all your encouraging support, warmth and kindness. It was reassuring to know I could entrust this v important and valuable task of finding me a new home to you.” - Helen

"..We are delighted with our purchase, and keep replaying the video of the auction on the App. A well executed plan and auction strategy - our advocate was exceptional!.." - Paul 

         “...Thank you for all your advice, thoughts and guidance every step of the way.”
 - Janet

."..Your service went above and beyond what we were expecting. You were always there to address our concerns - even after business hours.  Your due diligence in finding us a property and the detailed research you conducted put our minds at ease every step of the way.  We would not hesitate to recommend you ..." Helen 

"You have been amazing, not just in the time you have invested but also by going above and beyond the level I would expect from a professional .." - Alan

"We chose Catherine as a buyers advocate after reading her reports on Melbourne’s property situation and the opportunities on offer. She provided us with properties for sale, mainly off market, and her team of professionals assisted with the feasibility of these options, to help us make an informed decision. The main consideration is to know the likely profitability of the completed project, prior to committing through local market analysis and sales comparisons for the immediate area.  Once we had selected a site, Catherine attended the auction on our behalf and purchased it for us, achieving a great result for us with a bid 50k below our buy up to price. I consider the fee charged an extremely good investment as we were able to get the desired deal, with limited input and without the need to do the expensive and time consuming leg work." - Kevin

“You impressed us from the start, especially compared with the other buyers agencies we approached…” - Raj

"...Its been great working with you, we are so happy. No idea how others can go through this process without someone like yourself guiding them, you need to know the real estate game very well, its a full time job!  We are very happy with our new home and can't wait to make it ours very soon.." -Michelle.  

"I just want to express my sincere thanks for a great job done with the purchase of our property in Edithvale for a sub development opportunity. You were able to capitalise on an opportunity and negotiate hard to get a substantial reduction to what was previously contracted but fell through. Catherine your knowledge in this field is very comprehensive and you are a very pleasant person to work with. It is obvious you look to have repeat customers via your level of professional service. Overall the experience for us was very seamless with great support and communication." - Gary







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