Stephen Fries

Property Developer

A successful entrepreneur and investor, Stephen Fries has more than 30 years experience as a civil engineer, builder, project manager and property developer.

A hands-on, no frills developer from Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, Stephen made his first property transaction 30 years ago as a 19 year-old, and has since built up a large portfolio of personal investments.

There is nothing Stephen doesn’t know about property development – he has experienced and done it all.  

He has been involved in large and small subdivisions, from granny flats in the suburban backyard, to project management of domestic and commercial construction up to $40M in value.

As a seasoned investor, Stephen also has extensive experience working with market cycles that can benefit and inform the timing of any investment you choose to embark on.

For the last five years, Stephen has specialised in domestic property development managing the entire process from concept to completion.

Stephen uses a shortlist of professionals to help with his projects thus providing value to clients that is hard to beat.

You will never get a more cost efficient team of skilled professionals.

Stephen has spent years coaching people how to unlock the wealth in their investments, assisting buyers to retire early from the profits and yields created from property development.

You will not find an easier person to work with. Utilising rigorous research and comprehensive feasibility reports, Stephen will ensure any development you embark on is guaranteed to be cost effective and profitable.

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