Akhil Patel

UK Real Estate and Cycles Expert

Akhil is an expert in the UK property market, as well as general economic, financial and stock market cycles. He also is active property developer and investor and is the Editor of Cycles, Trends and Forecasts in the UK.

Akhil has professional experience in audit, central government and international banking and has worked on a range of issues from reviewing large infrastructure PPP deals to helping establish the UK's £3 billion International Climate Fund.

He has two Masters Degrees (in Finance and Public Policy) and a first degree in the Classics from Oxford.

In 2013, he established Ascendant Strategy to produce research that helps investors make better investment decisions based on an understanding of the key economic and financial cycles driving markets. 

Akhil can assist with all aspects of property acquisition and investment in the UK, and can provide valuable insights on market cycles and their effects on the general economy.

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