Once we commence the search for your ideal property, Anderson & Cashmore do all the legwork for you and no stone is left unturned. 

We refine the search process continually to ensure all available properties suited to your budget and unique requirements are included. 

Many buyers come to us after a period of trying to purchase alone.

They have endured hours inspecting homes and consistently miss out on properties that sell well in excess of either the price range quoted and/or their budget. The frustration and stress can be immense.

Despite new laws coming into effect in Australian states in 2017 regarding how properties can be quoted in advertisements, legislative changes have done little to assist buyers. 

The vast majority of estate agents now refuse to quote a price at all. For the uninitiated buyer not used to dealing with sales agents, the process can prove very confusing.

The agent is working solely for the vendor. It is not their job to assist you as a buyer. Therefore, buyers are left not knowing if the information they have been given is information they can trust.

When we search on behalf of buyers, we do the prior analysis to ensure only those properties that are likely to fall within the buyer's budget and tick all the right boxes are included in the results. 

Additionally, we spend a significant amount of time making sure there are no hidden flaws that may not be visible from an initial assessment. 

For example, the property may be close to an industrial zone or in an area that has been approved for undesirable high-density construction. We have protected many buyers from making serious errors of judgement from these initial checks alone.

As the search continues, buyers start to get a feel for the market.

We keep a log of the properties we've inspected, including what they are quoted for and what they sell for. 

The log provides valuable information about market movements in the areas we're researching on your behalf.

We make sure the stress is taken out of the search process, and it becomes an enjoyable experience, rather than a stressful one. 


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