No two negotiations are the same.

Whether buying private sale, off market, bidding at auction, or buying prior to auction, Anderson & Cashmore have the expertise to protect you from overpaying and to maximise the potential to purchase the property at the lowest possible price.  We place you ahead of your competitors. 

There's an old saying “a man who is his own lawyer has a fool as a client”. This adage applies to your real estate purchase.

The key to a successful negotiation is to place a buffer between you (the decision-maker) and the real estate selling agent.

The one thing a real estate sales agent will never, ever, do, is allow you (the buyer) access to the vendor.

The vendor has all in the information buyers can benefit from – including their reserve price.

The more information a buyer knows about the vendor’s circumstances and expectations, the easier it is to manipulate the deal to their own advantage.

Instead, the agent will be evasive about their vendor’s preferences – with comments such as “we’ve not yet set a reserve."

In reality, the agent knows the vendor’s ‘wish price’ from the onset.

When buyers negotiate directly with a real estate sales agent, their emotional or physical reactions often give away valuable information that agents can and will use to their vendors’ benefit.

These cues can be as subtle as a glance to your partner, a raise of the eyebrows or the tone of your voice.

When we negotiate on behalf of buyers, however, the sales agent is granted no such advantage. 

For example, the information we want to access to is  ‘what amount of money will buy the property today?’

With the tactics we use, we’re able to gain a better assessment of the vendor’s likely reserve and other significant information, without compromising or disclosing our client’s position.

Because the sales agent does not have access to the buyer (the decision maker) any information we provide can be manipulated to our advantage in brokering the deal.

In other words – we level the playing field for you!

Negotiation is about far more than price.

Changes to settlement periods, chattels, clauses on contacts.

These elements and more form a significant part of the negotiating process.

Additionally, we'll lipase with your solicitor and make sure any changes to the contract of sale are successfully negotiated with the vendor's solicitor prior to making an offer.

By using our services, you can be assured that we have your best interests at heart.  

We will always protect you from making serious errors.


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