Meeting with you 

The first step is to sit down with you (or conference call if overseas) to discuss your individual requirements.

If you are an investor, this will include an assessment of your property investment goals over the next five to ten years and an analysis of the best acquisition strategy going forward.  

The initial session is one of the most important conversations we will have.  

During our discussion we’ll cover a number of key topics relating to the market and ensure you’re aware of the cycle and its potential effects on your investment decisions ahead.

You may have some ideas from your own research about where you would like to live or invest.

We will work with you to refine those ideas, including suggesting alternatives that you may not have considered.

Savvy investors should never feel limited to the local market.

Our experts can also assist if you are interested in purchasing in overseas markets either alone, or as part of a syndicate.

We will discuss all your options and provide the information you need to enable an educated decision.

If you have thought about development, we have the expertise to talk you through the process to see if it's a feasible option.

This could include purchasing a new site for development, or developing your backyard.

Whatever your requirements, the initial discussion with us will set you on the right path.

please contact us for a free consultation

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