The Assessment Process

Once we find a property that you want to purchase, we'll prepare a minimum 25 page property report assessing a range of analytics including;

This report is not computer generated; it is put together by our advocates and peer reviewed for as many properties as needed until we achieve a successful purchase.

Obviously we do not buy every property we bid for because we ensure our buyers do not overpay, particularly in a heated market when prices separate sharply from recent comparable sales.

The property report enables you to make an informed decision regarding whether you want to move forward and what you want to pay for each property we assess. 

From that figure, we move on to the next step of the process: assessing how best to secure the property within your budget for the best possible price!

If you plan to develop the property or land you are purchasing, we can assist with comprehensive feasibility reports and project management services from experienced and trusted players in the industry that will not overcharge you.

This ensures the project you embark on has every opportunity to be a financial success.

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