Why use a Buyer Advocate or Buyer Agent?

Many Australian buyers forget that the sales agent is working solely for the vendor.

It is the sales agent’s job - by law - to get the highest possible price for their client.  

They’ll be full of smiles and niceties when you attend the open home. However, they’re not really there to assist you as a purchaser.  They’re there to get you to pay more.

When you’re competing with a skilled sales agent, you’re dealing with someone that has a good deal more knowledge of the industry than you.

With that knowledge, shrewd agents can easily lull you into a false sense of security.

If you find yourself signing a contract without a licensed conveyancer or solicitor checking it first - or making hasty 'on the spot' decisions because you have been told there is already an offer on the table - you know you have fallen into this trap.

Quite simply, the sooner the agent gets you to meet their vendor’s (often lofty) expectations, the sooner they gain their commission and move onto the next listing.

By employing a good buyer’s advocate, you need never make hasty decisions or even talk to a real estate sales agent again.

They will do all the legwork when it comes to searching, assessing, and brokering a deal.

They will protect you from over paying and conduct all the necessary due diligence required.

With comprehensive research in front of you, you will be able to make an educated decision in a stress free environment.

Of course, not all buyer advocates are the same. There are good and bad in every industry.

Click here for 7 tips when choosing a Buyer Advocate.

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