Buyer Agents or Buyer Advocates

A buyer agent, or buyer advocate is a licensed real estate agent. 

Buyer agents in Australia do not sell real estate.  They work only for the buyer, and are paid only by the buyer.

In the USA, Israel, the UK, and other countries, a Buyer Agents can also sell real estate (taking a fee from both buyer and seller). The process is very different. 

Please contact us for more information about how the system works overseas, and how Anderson & Cashmore can protect you from a potential conflict of interest when purchasing overseas.  

Buyer agents specialise in searching, evaluating, and negotiating the purchase of property.  They protect buyers from making expensive errors and overpaying.

With a good buyer agent on your side, you'll purchase the best property suited to your individual requirements, in the best location, for the best possible price.

Click here for 7 tips when choosing a buyer agent in Australia.

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