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Catherine Cashmore interviewed on the Nucleus Wealth Podcast

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Listen to Catherine Cashmore being interviewed by the boys at Macrobusiness 

Topics discussed include the economic real estate cycle, policy, and the real estate market in general.

Hobart Holds Out Against Australian Housing Market Slowdown

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We pinned Hobart as a great place to get some short term capital growth three years ago.  You can find the interview where Catherine Cashmore discusses it in Episodes 30 and 31 of The Newman Show.

This article discusses the subsequent growth in Hobart and includes comments on our views on investment in other capital cities of Australia - primarily Melbourne and Sydney.

Window of opportunity is opening up in Australia's housing markets


“The vendors that are in the market at the moment are those that have to sell,” says buyer’s agent Catherine Cashmore, director of Anderson Cashmore Real Estate Advocates. Home owners that can afford to wait are unlikely to be selling in the current market, she said.

The Rentvesting Podcast - Interview with Catherine Cashmore


Peter Mastronianni interviews Catherine Cashmore

The economics of land

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Ed Miliband interviews Catherine Cashmore and Joe Sarling on land economics. 

Vacancy a Sign of Systemic Failure - The AGE


Cashmore shares her thoughts with The Age 


Phillip Anderson's speech on the economy and market cycles

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Phillip's presentation on 'Is the Queen a Georgist' was full of economic insights into how the land game drives the business cycle.

ABC get Catherine's comments on Australia's housing policies..


"You can't blame the investors, you can't blame the developers, they're doing what they are dictated to do by the tax system and by government policy."

Channel 9 News interview Catherine and other housing experts on the apartment oversupply

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Channel 9 news on the looming apartment supply glut as 80,000 vacant homes already exist in Melbourne. Prosper President Catherine Cashmore on why we are building the wrong type of stock.

Catherine Cashmore on The SHTICK S49-01 Seg.1, discussing Real Estate

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Catherine Cashmore, Market Researcher, Analyst and Media Commentator discusses Real Estate with Henry Greener.

The Project interviews Catherine Cashmore

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Catherine Cashmore appears on Channel 10s The Project to discuss the attack-mode campaign by the property lobby on those aiming to reform the capital gains tax discount and negative gearing. 

ABC's 7:30 Report interview Catherine Cashmore

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Will the budget's housing affordability measures work?

Empty homes: The economic reasons behind investors keeping properties vacant - Dr Cameron Murray

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Research by Cameron Murray on Catherine Cashmore's Speculative Vacancies report - interesting content for investors. 

Catherine comments on a Vacancy Tax in the AFR

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Catherine discusses the Vacancy tax - it's not useful to the long term solution of increasing housing supply

The Daily Telegraph seeks comments from Catherine on the validity of NSW property data.. 


The Daily Telegraph seek comments from Catherine Cashmore on the validity of NSW property data...

The Project - Steve Price goes head to head with Catherine Cashmore

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Would you support a vacancy tax?  Catherine Cashmore goes head to head with Steve Price on Channel TEN's "The Project"

Catherine Cashmore's research covered on SBS news, the United Nations and more


Catherine Cashmore interviewed re Issues regarding vacant housing - covered on SBS news, the UN and more

The 125th Henry George Commemoration Dinner speech by Catherine Cashmore


The Culture of Abundance - Political Economist Catherine Cashmore lectures on the economics of land and dead weight costs

Bleby from the Australian Financial Review sits down for lunch with Catherine Cashmore


Catherine Cashmore talks to Michael Bleby over lunch regarding economic reform and the legacy of Henry George

The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking by Phillip Anderson


Tracing the history of housing cycles in the United States, this examination shows how the banking system reacts to prosperity and recession and reveals the ways regulations enacted after each collapse tend to disappear when boom times return. 

New City Research - Catherine Cashmore lectures at RMIT in Melbourne


Catherine Cashmore talks about how economic and taxation policies inform the design of cities.

Sharing Economy Panel Discussion 2 at RMIT


Chairing Economy panel discussion 2 - today's panelists include Stuart Harrison (Harrison and White), Jan van Schaik, (RMIT) Catherine Cashmore (Prosper Australia) and Paul Walker (University of Melbourne). 

Akhil Patel talks about the comeback of the UK Property Market


UK property expert and trader Akhil Patel joins Callum Newman on the podcast to discuss..

Four Corners covers research by Catherine Cashmore


Four corners covers research by Catherine Cashmore

Another day, another parliamentary inquiry - Cashmore and Collyer


Catherine Cashmore and David Collyer present to The House of Representatives economic committee inquiry into Home Ownership

Phil Anderson's speech to the ATAA - 2015

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Listen to Phillip Anderson discuss the real estate cycle.. 

Catherine talks at the HIA's Building Better Cities Summit


In 2015 Catherine spoke at the HIA's (Housing Industry Association) Building Better Cities summit on how simple changes to Australia's housing policy can create a thriving market affordable for all.  

Catherine - one of Property Observer's "Observers"

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Catherine Cashmore's articles on Property Observer (Property Observer is a source of independent news and information for property investors and astute buyers, so they can make informed property investment decisions. )


Land Takes All the Gains - Phillip Anderson


Phil Anderson, author of The Secret Life of Real Estate & Banking, delivered a captivating presentation at Tuesday’s packed Boom or Bust – Where are we in the Cycle? event.

Callum Newman interviews Catherine Cashmore -Part 1 & 2

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Real estate expert, buyer's advocate and award winning writer Catherine Cashmore joins Callum to discuss:

Catherine Cashmore - Channel TEN's weekly property expert.

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Watch some of Catherine's very many appearances on The Circle morning show, as Channel TEN's resident weekly property expert, talking on many subjects to do with buying, selling, renting and more! 

Phillip J Anderson on The Newman Show..


Economist, trader and author Phillip J Anderson joins Callum to discuss why interest rates could stay low for the 21st Century:


ABC interview Catherine on Australia's Empty Homes


The report, written by real estate analyst Catherine Cashmore, estimates that almost a third of the area's units may be empty at any time given that the short-term vacancy rate of properties available for rent is 4.6 per cent.

Catherine Cashmore in "Naked Capitalism" (finance and economics blog)

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This post looks at how little has been done in the wake of the global financial crisis is instructive because it takes an international view. 

Legally underquoting? How agents get away with it


Catherine Cashmore writes for Property Observer on the issue of underquoting.. how do agents get away with it? 

Catherine writes for - featured articles


Read Catherine Cashmore's work at

Housing supply fails – Speculative Vacancies instead


Catherine Cashmore talks to Karl Fitzgerald on the Renegade Economist regarding Melbourne's empty properties

ABC interview Catherine on Melbourne's 64,386 empty properties

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Catherine Cashmore interviewed on ABC regarding the 64,386 empty properties revealed during Melbourne's record long housing supply crisis. Why aren't these vacancies investigated by the government?

Watch 'The Exchange' on Foxtel - Owning Your Own Home - Catherine Cashmore & Martin Vidakovic discuss

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Owning Your Own Home - Catherine Cashmore & Martin Vidakovic (finance expert) discuss the difficulty first home buyers face getting into the market - they share some tips... 

Catherine wins E J Craigie Writing Award


Winner of E J Craigie Writing Award  

Phillip Anderson - Stop Asking About a Housing Crash (Money Morning Australia)


Read Phil's comments on the market cycle in Money Morning

Catherine and others discuss Australia's Property Hotspots in Fairfax


Property adviser and buyers advocate Catherine Cashmore says not all towns are equal when it comes to making money from real estate.

"Investors often work on a herd mentality, they see an opportunity and rush in,'' Cashmore says.... (read more below) 

Real Estate for Ransom - the economics of land.

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Learn how the land market affects the economy.. 

Van Onselen vs Keen vs Cashmore on property


Listen to Professor Steve Keen (head of economics at Kingston University in the UK), Leith Van Onselen (co-creator of and Catherine Cashmore (renowned property commentator) discuss the Australian Property Market.

Star Com­men­ta­tors of the Aus­tralian Home Loan and Prop­erty Mar­ket


Find the star commentators of Australia's Property Market on Professor Steve Keen's blog

Phillip Anderson on WD Gann and Business Cycles

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Who was WD Gann? Watch the speech here.. 

Phillip Anderson on the Land Cycle

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Phillip Anderson shares his knowledge of the Land Cycle

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