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A Buyer's Market

Written by Catherine Cashmore for Port Phillip Publishing's "Cycle's Trends & Forecasts"

Last year a previous client of mind called me for some advice. I’ll call her Claire.... 


KP_index.png 17/01/2019

The downturn of 2019 continued...

As many know, I'm President of Prosper Australia.  One of our executive members is  Bryan Kavanagh, a former valuer and expert on real estate cycles.



Land.. What are you paying for?

It's not all about location.. but much of it is.. 

A man walks into a real estate agency.  He’s new to the country and its policies. He tells the realtor he wants to buy a plot of land for his factory. He gives the agent an idea of his budget, and land size needed.



The Downturn of 2019

In 2014 I wrote this blog post predicting a period of financial instability in 2019 based on the skyscraper index.




Rentier, Not Renter

We’re currently heading into the half-way point of what I think will be — yet again — the greatest real estate boom of all time. Just like the last time — and the time before that.

But even bigger this time. History suggests this is likely.

As an Australian resident, you are in a front row position to take advantage of it. So my message to you? Become a rentier, not a renter.

Monopoly.jpg 26/02/2018

Monopoly: The Landlord’s Game

Real estate cycles have been with us for 300 years. They have repeated in times of inflation or deflation, high interest rates or low interest rates, and with trade barriers or free trade....

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The 237 Year Old Property Secret

By Phil Anderson For over 25 years I’ve studied economics and markets. And I can say categorically that the Western economies exhibit an 18 year real estate cycle. Generally this averages out as 14 years up and...

Herald_Sun_Pic.jpg 25/02/2018

The Cashmore Files

Introduction......................................................................................... 1 The Corruption of Economics............................................................. 2 The Big Money in...

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The AirBNB Revolution..

The big technical revolution of this real estate cycle - we’ve become so accustomed to it that already that we’re beginning to take it for granted...

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The Golden Rule for Buying Real Estate

Have you tried or considered buying a property recently?

There’s a little more to it than property spruikers and mortgage brokers have you think...  


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Timing the Cycle

Phil Anderson and Catherine Cashmore 

A reality not just a dream’, I reported on the UK government’s budget that was handed down back in November 2017.....

specvac_cover2015_ss600-1.jpg 16/12/2015

'Speculative Vacancies' - The Empty Properties Ignored By Statistics

By  Catherine Cashmore There have been four housing affordability inquiries since the early 2000s. The “First Home Ownership” inquiry by the Productivity Commission (2004). The Senate Select...

Henry_George.gif 22/06/2015

The Corruption of Economics

The Corruption of Economics Why Most Are Blind to What They Need to See By Catherine Cashmore  (Contributing editor - Cycles Trends & Forecasts ) In the 1880’s Judge James G. Maguire of the Superior...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_9.55.41_pm.png 18/11/2014

Government Inaction on Australia's Housing Affordability Crisis is Indefensible

The fact that Australia has an affordability crisis is not in dispute. Rather, government inaction for more than a decade must be questioned. Since the early 2000s, there have been three Senate Inquiries to tackle...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_9.58.39_pm.png 30/09/2014

Australia's Empty Houses...

By - Catherine Cashmore “The home, built in 1857, had been unoccupied for years” said the report of a dilapidated Victorian-era mansion in Sydney’s Balmain East. Situated in an exclusive residential...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_9.57.50_pm.png 30/09/2014

A Political Game of Smoke And Mirrors - Supply Verses Demand

By Catherine Cashmore (Written for Property Observer - September 2014) The only explanation offered to Australia’s low-income residents over the past few weeks, expected to take on a colossal amount of private...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_9.59.54_pm.png 11/09/2014

Skyscraper Hubris - Pride Before A Fall

By - Catherine Cashmore "Bill, how high can you make it so that it won't fall down?" reportedly asked financier John J. Raskob, as he pulled out a thick pencil from his drawer, and held it up to William F. Lamb , the...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_10.01.18_pm.png 28/08/2014

Land, Governance, and Finance - "Our Distrust Is Very Expensive"

Land, Governance, and Finance – “Our Distrust is Very Expensive." By: Catherine Cashmore In June 2013, as the Senate voted unanimously to hold an inquiry into the corporate watchdog ASIC. Chairman, Greg...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_10.02.22_pm.png 6/08/2014

Nick Xenophon “Home affordability: a Super idea” – Really?

Nick Xenophon “ Home affordability: a Super idea ” – Really? By Catherine Cashmore Nick Xenophon (along with other groups, such as the REIA ,) is advocating a policy that will be responsible for...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_10.03.17_pm.png 28/07/2014

Australia's City Centric Culture and Failure to Decentralise

What Did The Recent Grattan Review “Mapping Australia’s Economy” Really Reveal? By Catherine Cashmore “Too many workers live too far away to fulfil our cities’ economic potential”...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_10.05.26_pm.png 14/07/2014

Five years on since the US recession ‘officially’ ended in June 2009....

By - Catherine Cashmore Five years on since the US recession ‘officially’ ended in June 2009, urban land prices are rising, the pattern of history is repeating, and this time, the players on the...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_10.18.05_pm.png 24/06/2014

"By hoarding housing, the rich pay less, while the poor pay more"

By:  Catherine Cashmore (Short article written for  Property Observer  – covering items made in detail else where on this blog.) I was contacted twice last week to comment on news stories that...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_10.20.02_pm.png 11/06/2014

Capitalism, Democracy and Land

Capitalism, Democracy and Land By  Catherine Cashmore Protests that continue to erupt across the country against the Federal budget consist of two sectors. Those who are disadvantaged through cuts to government...

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The Budget – The Consequence - The Housing Market & The Next Generation

The Budget – The Consequence Last week, Joe Hockey stood up in front of Parliament and on behalf of the Abbott administration, announced; ''The age of entitlement is over. It has to be replaced, not with the...

Screen_Shot_2018-02-17_at_10.23.55_pm.png 9/05/2014

Economic Nonsense - ICAC investigations - And The Inevitable Consequence For A Future Generation Of Renters And Homebuyers.

Economic Nonsense - ICAC investigations - And The Inevitable Consequence For A Future Generation Of Renters And Homebuyers.   As we approach the Federal budget, once again we have to endure another round of...

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