Why use Anderson & Cashmore?

Economic Property Clock

Our advocates and researchers are international experts on market and real estate cycles. 

Our two directors Catherine Cashmore and Phillip Anderson have lectured widely on the real estate cycle and the economics of investment.

We do not believe you will get this information and experience anywhere else.

Most real estate agents and property advocates are ignorant of the effect land economics have on market prices.

A comprehensive knowledge of the real estate cycle (and its regional variations) will educate you on when and where to buy, and more importantly, when to sell. 

We know how important timing is when it comes to your investments.

Our aim is not only to assist you to increase your wealth, but also to educate you to become a better investor.

Get a real estate expert on your side

All our advocates are active investors with 13 - 30 years experience in the property market. 

Our real estate advocates provide the support, research and confidence buyers need to ensure they are making the right decisions to build future wealth.  

As skilled negotiators, we know all the tricks of the trade.

Working with trusted industry partners, we can assist with all your real estate needs.

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