The 237 Year Old Property Secret

By Phil Anderson

For over 25 years I’ve studied economics and markets. And I can say categorically that the Western economies exhibit an 18 year real estate cycle. Generally this averages out as 14 years up and 4 years down.

A study of US history, for example, reveals a very clear (average) 18 cycle in US real estate prices, measured from trough to trough or peak to peak. The actual cycle has never been shorter than 17 years, never longer than 21. According to my research, the Australian market follows the US.

The good news is that once you understand the real estate cycle, you can forecast it. History, I assure you, does repeat. And if you can forecast correctly, you can make money.

Understanding this real estate cycle is the absolute key to becoming and staying wealthy. Once you see it, you’ll have an incredible advantage few other investors ever see or understand. You’ll also rarely need to worry about the barrage of conflicting data we all receive every day.

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